What Salary does an IT Recruitment Consultant Earn?

February 06, 2020

So, you are on the hunt for a new job. You have been in recruitment for a while, or possibly IT and fancy a change of scene, or maybe you are straight out of school. Whatever your reason for wanting to be an IT Recruitment Consultant, you want to know as much as possible about the role and, most importantly, the salary you will be looking at. Before we get onto figures, let's have a little look at the job role. Before reading on click here to view IT job opportunities with the JM Group’s

What is an IT recruitment consultant?

An IT recruitment consultant is an intermediary between their client, who is a business that has a job role opening for a new IT professional and the candidates looking for a role in IT. It is up to the IT recruitment consultant to send their clients the best possible candidates for the positions advertised. You will need to fully understand the particular nuances and specifications for each role advertised, in order to send the best possible people to interview. 

What is the expected salary of an IT recruitment consultant?

The salary is dependent upon the sector and the location of where you will be working, not to mention your experience and negotiation skills. However, most recruitment consultancy jobs include salary plus bonuses.

The average salary of a general recruitment consultant is around £22,000 - £28,000 But due to the fact that an IT recruitment consultant is more specialised there is more scope in terms of a larger salary. Some firms are offering £35,000 for the basic salary. Yet with a commission on top of this, the actual take-home salary can be as much as £70,000 a year.

A recruitment firm generates income by offering clients the best candidates. When a firm employs a candidate, the agency receives a percentage of the starting salary of the IT job. IT jobs can be extremely lucrative, so it makes sense that the bonus for each IT recruitment consultant is high. Your basic salary is one thing, but the harder you work and the more leads you convert, the better off you will be. You will need to be apt at quickly and efficiently matching people up for the roles that suit them to earn the top money.

Other benefits

A lot of IT recruitment consultants can benefit from a range of company benefits. Such as a company car. There will be the need to visit clients and candidates often, so this is essential. Mobile phones, laptops, for obvious reasons. You are, in effect, a salesperson, so you will need to be in constant contact with people, to understand the client's needs and the candidate's suitability. You are usually enrolled in a pension scheme. You will also benefit from team events and drink, depending upon the company.

With a job like this, there will be a lot of competition, so you need to ensure that you are ready for the interview process. The most required attribute is understanding people and being able to prepare other people for interviews.