What are the IT Jobs for Graduates?

November 08, 2022

The demand for IT professionals has drastically increased over the last few years, particularly because businesses need a wealth of tech support to drive success. Of course, this is good news for graduates with an IT-based degree. With so many different IT jobs available, it can be difficult to know where to start your application processes. These are some of the top in-demand IT job roles.

1 . Systems Analyst

A Systems Analyst position involves using computer systems to analyse and investigate business issues, then create info systems that offer viable solutions. These duties are carried out within the company or for an external client. Systems Analyst’s seek to improve productivity and efficiency using their expertise and skill set. Generally, graduates would first pursue a role as an Analyst Programmer and gain some experience before moving onto this role. The essential skills required include software programming and a strong knowledge of hardware. According to Payscale, the average Systems Analyst role in the UK is currently £29,390.

2. Network Engineer

The role of a Network Engineer is one of the most technically challenging IT positions. Network Engineers work to implement, develop, design, and maintain comms networks within a company. Beyond this, Network Engineers work on disaster recovery, security, and data storage solutions. Graduates with a computer science or telecommunications degree can pursue these roles. Network Engineers in the UK earn an average of £30,727.

3. Data Administrator

Data is a hugely important concern in the world of modern business; big data is the driving force behind sales processes, marketing, and customer relationship management. The cruciality of data is why companies are so keen to hire Data Administrators to oversee various data operations. Data Administrators are responsible for determining data elements; specifying the organization of data; maintaining and designing data management applications; and ensuring the security of the database and files. Salary expectations average at £26,512.

4. IT Consultant

IT Consultants offer expertise to implement and develop information technology systems on behalf of their business or to serve external clients. An IT Consultant works on various stages of given projects, including designing systems, managing projects, and sometimes creating code. Other typical duties of an IT Consultant include analysing a company’s infrastructure, diagnosing system issues, defining security threats, and offering advice on tech best practices. IT Consultants can expect to earn approximately £29, 956.

5. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for building websites, including the whole infrastructure which they need to function. The duties of a web developer involve writing code such as JavaScript or PHP; creating the architecture of an application; testing features to check performance; building APIs to exchange data; and planning new applications. These roles also involve code refactoring and seeking to optimize the existing codes. Web Developers earn £59, 297 on average in the UK.

These are just a few of the roles available for IT graduates; other options include Software Developer, Project Manager, or Business Analyst.