Advantages of Having an Online Portfolio

December 15, 2021

Once upon a time online portfolios were thought to be restricted to the super technology-savvy and for individuals in the creative industries. With the onset of social media and the creation of simple programmes for the average Joe, online portfolios have become much more widely used.  

1. Visibility

Branding and being seen should be a number one priority for job seekers. Its no secret that employers will Google you before hiring to get an idea of how well versed you are with networking websites like Linkedin and how you present yourself online. You definitely don't want your online persona to undermine your CV. By getting to grips with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and building an online following for you and your work, it increases traffic to your website and as a freelancer will boost your clients.  

2. Creates an impression

Building a website from everything to designing the graphics and building the widgets takes time to perfect, especially because its so important for your portfolio to represent you. An employer will appreciate the effort you've gone through to create one and being able to include your website URL in an email signature, for instance, is very impressive.  

3. Displays technical skills

Although most websites are designed to be easy-to-use for those with a basic knowledge,  setting one up in the first place shows a degree of technical ability. Depending on your profession, your portfolio is the place to embed any quirky videos you may have shot and edited, graphics, media packages and presentations. Use it to display your technical skills and how competent you are because all employers value IT ability regardless of the industry.  

4. Exhibits your talent

As the internet has indeed dominated everything, a lot of work you produce will be for an online audience. The advantage of having an online portfolio is that you can display your digital work in all its HD glory. A portfolio should showcase your most prominent work for employers to see. Be as imaginative as possible in the content you publish and how you package it to support the attributes you boast of on an application.  

5. Versatility

Online portfolios blow conventional cardboard and paper out of the water because you have such scope to adapt and change them. There are always interesting new features circulating the internet that you can add to your website to make it more dynamic, and new software is being developed and updated all the time so it can never really become outdated in appearance.

Top tips to have an amazing online portfolio:   - Regularly update content to prevent your website becoming stagnant. - If you have testimonials/ recommendations dedicate a page for them. - Know your audience and keep them in mind when you're planning the theme of your site. - Link your portfolio with other social media channels but remember your overall branding. - Keep your website simple, user-friendly and professional. - Buy a personalised URL to add to the wow factor. - Use your portfolio to build connections with others in your field.